Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear Internet,

I am so tired, internet. I feel like I have been running around for days. My feet hurt, internet. Do you want to come over tonight and rub my feet while I watch Veronica Mars? And maybe do my dishes?

I am on facebook now. It's pretty bizarre. I mean, the point of this site seems to be that we all go to school together, except we don't make friends with each other, because school is too big and scary. Right? I mean, the U of A has over 30,000 students, how am I supposed to make friends with any of them? I see these people once, and then they disappear forever. (Except this one woman who works in the library and who scowls at me everyday... but that is another matter, for another entry.) But the internet is a much friendlier place, with only several MILLION people on it. So we can all "poke" each other, and then poke back, and then be friends. And write little messages to each other. And continue to not talk to each other at school.

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