Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Can't. In my own titling rut.

I have been working on my digital librarianship paper, due tomorrow, so I issue this update from deep within the throes of research. I hereby declare a moratorium on books/articles dealing with digital libraries using the title "books, bytes, and x," where x is any other word that starts with 'B': behaviour, bucks, buildings, bridges, beyond, etc. Seriously. Your alliteration is impressing no one.

Went to see Volver. Have crush on Penelope Cruz. Am drinking weird Co-op iced tea. I am all set up at school ("step into my office, or more accurately, everyone's office,") but I want to go home, where forefox is customized in a much more satisfactory way. I am listening to my ipod and I keep thinking I can fast forward through songs with the computer- d'oh!

But you know what they say: you can never go home. Because if you do, Jocelyn, you will try to watch CSI while writing your paper, and we all know that will never work.

On the plus side: I subscribed to the This American Life podcast, and now I can listen to the episodes on my iPod on the LRT. The one I was listening to this morning contained the phrase, "it's not a crack house, it's a crack home," which made me laugh out loud enough that people looked at me strangely.

Current paper length: 329 words. Longer Letter Later, as I used to write to my pen pals when I was in fourth grade. [Ideally, this should be written with one large 'L', and then the remains of the three words arranged beside it vertically, to form a sort of acrostic.]

I can't think of appropriate titles for entries anymore. I'm in a titling rut. The first person to email me or leave a comment with a title, as long as it does not contain any really rude words, will get to name this entry. Ooh, laziness contest!


Tederick said...

Can't. In my own titling rut.

prolix said...

OK, well, I was going to retitle that entry "Can't. In my own titling rut," but I was too lazy. You win, though.


prolix said...

Never mind, I did it. what's my problem?!? laziness is no excuse! Did Gandhi ever claim he was "too lazy" to do something? I doubt it!

Deletia: trying to be like Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

my boredome just outshined the sun

Tederick said...

You should change the blog's subtitle to Trying to Be Like Gandhi.