Thursday, February 1, 2007

Subjects I would post about, if I weren't such a lazy git

  • Vesper Holly as contemporary fantasy of Victorian femininity
    [Sub-topic: fiction for young women. Ask Metafilter. The care and thought that people put into answering these questions is admirable. I tried to find a Vesper-specific link, but it seems the one thing the internet is lacking is a VESPER HOLLY FAN CLUB. Although a quick googling reveals that there are a stripper and a psychic by that name, so I would say such a club would have a built-in membership of at least 3.]

  • My adventures in the exciting world of CSS

  • On the same note, my adventures in the exciting and hopefully convenient world of ordering movies online! So far I have been able to order all kinds of things I would never get around to watching otherwise. [Note: being the Canadian analogue to Netflix.]

  • Some sort of witty phrase as a prologue to a link to the weblog dooce which is quite funny

  • my anxiety over the fact that every day I do not update, the hits to this site plummet

  • I said the word "narratorial" in class twice today, and when I came home I looked it up and found out it ISN'T A WORD. Denied! I know the word that is currently filling that gap in the lexicon is "narrative," but that is not what i meant. "Narrative" refers to the events of a story. "Narratorial," made-up as it may be, conveys a strong sense of "relating to the narrator." From this point forward, in addition to housing the Vesper Holly fan club, this blog will also become the headquarters for the "Add 'Narratorial' to the Dictionary Now Association," ANDNA-- acronyms that are also palindromes are totally du moment.

  • Ahem. Acronymdromes. I think you can see where this is going. The question is only: do you think I can get the strippers and psychics on-board with my linguistic projects? If not, it hardly seems worth it.

  • The word "git": gender-neutral?

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