Friday, February 16, 2007

This is a bit old already but...

LibrarianAvengers' new film rating system. It would be helpful if you knew more about a movie before going in, such as, "Rated C for Creepy Child Singing" or "Rated K for Keyboard hacks Pentagon in two clicks." (Especially the second one. Does anyone else get annoyed by supposedly top-security computer systems which film heroes can hack by typing the word "HACK"?

Tonight I am hopefully going to see Pan's Labyrinth, which will be rated 'A' for AWESOME and 'S' for both "Spanish" and "Subtitles." Oh, and 'E' for "Emperor Franco."

I listened to a really great episode of This American Life yesterday. Have I mentioned how much I adore that show? Even the old episodes, you can listen to online (just not download). Episode 175: Babysitting.

Side-note: Ever since I started taking a web design for usability class, I have suddenly elected myself the Usability Police. [Even though this is a job more than adequately being performed by Jakob Nielsen.] When I see websites with frames, I get out my bad-design beatstick and my consider-the-user handcuffs. This American Life, I'll let you off with a warning this time, but next time I see you violating the It's Not 1997 Anymore, Web-Design Wise bylaws, I'm bringing you in.


J said...

My personal favourite was in the Matrix when Trinity shutdown power in the whole city by entering:

"ssh shutdown power grid"

She should've entered:
"ssh make better sequels"


prolix said...

Ooooh! James 1, Producers of the Matrix 0!

J said...

I think you mean:



Anonymous said...