Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movie/film roles in which Clea DuVall played a crazy person

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: plays a girl who is so shy she becomes invisible, goes crazy, tries to perform some amateur plastic surgery on Cordelia, and then eventually becomes a member of the Invisible FBI
  • Girl, Interrupted: plays an inmate of a mental hospital
  • Popular, season 1: Plays a cheerleader driven mad, who appears in a straitjacket fondling a stuffed armadillo
  • Season 6 of CSI: Plays a cult member who lives in an abandoned bunker in the desert and voluntarily drinks the kool-aid, or in this case, the special vodka

This constitutes 100% of the times I have seen her. (Actually now that I think about it I have seen 13 Conversations About One Thing. I just don't remember it.) I don't watch Heroes. Is she a psycho on Heroes? We should begin a letter-writing campaign. Dear Hollywood: We believe that, if given the chance, Clea DuVall COULD play a sane person!


Tederick said...

She's not a psycho on Heroes, she's just a bitch. It would be nice to see Clea play a friendly neighbour type, or a love interest for a deserving supporting character, or even, perhaps, a man.

prolix said...

Other roles which she could consider:
a cute, freckled, hardworking single mom
a young medical intern
a spy