Saturday, February 3, 2007

Love, intertextuality, and puppies

I get so excited about Veronica Mars' shout-outs to other shows and movies. All through season 2, everyone was Big Lebowski-esque, talking about their "special lady friends." In season 3, Veronica keeps saying "frak," the "curse-word of the future," as I think I may have mentioned. However, the plot thickens: apparently this word has also reared is lexical head on The OC. This leads this blogger to suggest: has "frak" jumped the shark? Say it ain't so!

[I have never read that blog, by the way, and my link does not constitute an endorsement. It has a bunch of graphs on it, which I can't really condone. I was searching for "curse word of the future." Hits not as helpful as you might think. Frakkin' google.]

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