Sunday, February 11, 2007

What I would look like as a South Park character.


Note my look of scorn and misbuttoned sweater. And what could be construed as armwarmers.

South Park Studio


Tederick said...

This might not be my place to say, but I pretty much think this is the most adorable thing ever. My South Park character (which, admittedly, I created a few years ago before all the gadgets and whoozits they seem to have nowadays) is nowhere near this good. I'm basically saying that if your South Park character were actually on South Park, I would watch South Park.

prolix said...

That's awesome! I think I would watch South Park too, if Southparkalyn (as I have named her) were on. I have been trying to think what her catchphrase or distinguishing characteristic would be. Maybe she cynically reponds to everything other people tell her by saying, "whatever."