Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Also, I can kill you with my brain."

Last night I watched "Space," which I sorrily have to declare the boringest X-Files episode ever. That said, I always forget how much I like that show. I started watching it around season 3 and was committed to it for years--until it seemed to become overwhelmed by the weight of its own conspiracies. My favourite is Scully, of course: she wears normal (even dowdy) clothes, which I relate to more and more as I hold a series of increasingly serious jobs; and she is all cerebral and rational and competent. Also, she is tiny, but she sometimes shoots people or wrestles them to the floor. I also like the understated Mulder/Scully dynamic of mutual respect, trust, and affection that does not really seem to be tempered with misguided crushes or drama or lust.

Does Mulder ever shoot people? I have noticed that on Law and Order: Criminal Intent (which I don't watch anymore) only Eames ever shoots people. Perhaps Vincent D'Onofrio is actually so cerebral he can't operate firearms.

I am at my new job, wearing wrinkly pants and drinking tea I made myself in the little job-kitchen. I feel sort of lost. It reminds me of this exploding dog cartoon in which a sad little stick-person is all alone in an empty room, and slips of paper keep floating in through slits in the walls. The caption reads, "I don't understand my job." I have a desk, and a stapler, but no purpose.

I love and especially the way it recommends tags for me when I bookmark new things. It is ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT! Except, today I have been bookmarking things for work, and the tag I use for my new job is "digitalaccess," and cannot figure this out. Every time, I am like, "DUH! I'm at work! What tag do you THINK I should be using?"

All I want is a system that keeps track of my whereabouts and what task I am working on, and recommends tags based on that--without invading my privacy. Is that too much to ask, Internet?

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