Monday, May 7, 2007

makin' love to his tonic and gin

so here is a dumb facebook meme I just had to share. In google, type your name, then "likes to," in quotes. So for me, it's "Jocelyn likes to." Then post the top whatever hits. So for me it would be...

Jocelyn likes to draw. She can draw circles and squiggly lines and some angular figures.
Jocelyn likes to help set the table and to put the silverware away.
Jocelyn likes to be competitive
Jocelyn likes to clear daunting obstacles professionally and in her downtime
Jocelyn likes to study pure mathematics and theology
Jocelyn likes to eat almost anything but has been on a macrobiotic diet since she was 3
Jocelyn likes to read, shop, and just hang out with friends.
Jocelyn likes to spend free time golfing and reading as well as watching hockey and Seinfeld reruns.
Jocelyn likes to make the mashed potatoes
Jocelyn likes to plan her holidays
Jocelyn likes to use the two hand approach to find the MEDIAN

Such a strange assortment. Some of these are true. I can draw squiggly lines and some angular figures. I do enjoy mashing potatoes and putting silverware away. And I do like to be competitive, perhaps more than is good for me. But I hate Seinfeld, hockey, diets, and pure math. I have little or no interest in clearing obstacles of any kind, be they metaphorical or literal. And I have no idea what the last one means, but it sounds vaguely dirty, in which case it is probably true.

The conferences I was working on are over. We have a debriefing (tee hee) tomorrow, and then... who knows? I ride on into the friscillating dusklight. I already find myself forgetting the frustrating parts (and the fifteen hour days) and reminiscing fondly about the conference, a dangerous enterprise that may lead to more future conferences. This is one of memory's great tricks.

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