Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ghah, I'm so sleepy today. I can only conclude that work makes me exhausted, and I am not cut out for it. I want a trust fund, NOW!

Whenever I am out and about on a weekday, during the day, I always ponder: WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT WORKING? I know why I'm not, but why aren't they? It turns out some preliminary "research" has been done into this subject. The San Francisco Gate has an article entitled The mystery of the daytime idle: Why aren't you working? This has also been the subject of a This American Life episode, Secret Life of Daytime. The findings, roughly summarized: most of these people are "writing" something. Sort of like me, except in coffee houses instead of a little half-cubicle at the end of a hallway. (I stole all those links from

My other recent internet find is this Wikipedia article on the Voynich Manuscript, which is fascinating. Things like this make my almost-librarian heart go pitter patter.


alea said...

I think the same thing every time I go to the gym at 10 am. Who are these people? And how can I have their life, one which requires no work but leaves enough money to pay the absurd gym fees?

prolix said...

Um... I think you would have to come up with some killer web 2.0 service, then sell it to google.