Monday, May 14, 2007

I table the motion.

Here is my weekend project: a new table for my living room. On Friday night I spotted it next to (not in) a dumpster in the back alley of my building, and I made James pull over. In fact I was kind of violent about it. I am literally astonished that someone would throw away such a good table. It is extremely sturdy, shapely, and cool. The picture on the left shows the "before"; the right, of course, is "after." I painted it red, decoupaged a vintage ad onto the top, and covered it with my junk.

tablerehab 001 tablerehab 008

I am basically turning into my dad, and doing all the things that he used to do (to my SHAME) when I was younger. I have integrated his brand of crazy with my own, though, because not only did I get this table from a dumpster, I then used it to display a bright orange cooking pot that I bought from a thrift store. I have a problem. A cheapness problem. (on a side note... I filed my taxes finally on the weekend, and I lived well below the poverty line last year. So there may be a correlation between dumpster-tables and student loans. But then, I will probably never be able to just drive by a table that clearly is in need of a new home and some sprucing-up. So maybe all this means is that when I finally do have some money, I'll be too cheap to spend it on anything.)

I shall also make this post an honourary "things you can buy for..." post since it is, in fact, a THING YOU CAN BUY FOR $0. Which is actually my favouritest kind of thing you can buy of all. (I had the supplies, paint etc., on hand. I got some free sandpaper from my sister. Project costs may vary.)

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