Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"That was diverting yet pointless."

Yesterday James and I went to Moore's, which prompted me to think (for the first time really) about ties. I like how superfluous they are--one of the few things men ordinarily wear that are purely decorative. If you think about it, ties are pretty silly, and that makes them great. I think I may have even coined some kind of semi-serious slogan for the tie industry, such as, "a tie makes a suit an outfit." If I were a man I would wear a tie everyday, to everything, with everything. Also, I would buy retro-looking ties from thrift stores and screenprint on them. Come to think of it, I might do that anyway.

Ties I think you should buy: cyberoptix (especially this one), TrisHank Design, handlebar moustache tie (weird and awesome!), unique look, an octopus. Or, for the punk-positive workplace: skulls. I want to make out with Etsy, all the time. I would buy everything there if I could.

You know what is not nearly as cool as ties? Things that are tie-dyed. LIVE IN THE NOW! Unless you had a tie that was tie-dyed, which might be sort of amusing, although undoubtedly still ugly.

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