Monday, May 28, 2007

Things I have ordered on the Internet today because I did not want to come to work in the first place

Two shirts from threadless: in oceanic fashion (sharkumentary!) and holding pattern.

A comic book cuff from lizzy in a tizzy.
Some fish buttons from oh my cavalier.
A glass pendant necklace from Littleput books.
A cartoon science (um, I mean Science!) card from dote.

A lifetime LibraryThing membership because LibraryThing is awesome, and not being able to add the new Lois Lowry books I bought yesterday broke my heart a little bit. Why did I even contemplate a one-year membership when a lifetime one was available? It's absurd.

I almost earned enough money today to pay for these things, but not quite. Obviously I can't afford to make this into a habit.

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