Sunday, May 6, 2007

updates in one sentence or less (less!)

I have billed 70 hours of work over the past 7 days. I took some people on tours of my book exhibition. I ate so much catering food that I feel simultaneously hungry, and also like I am going to throw up. I wrecked my knee. I saw some feminist film, which (apparently) in this day and age means "lesbian film." I feel confused and disloyal. I had a dream that I had 76 voice-mail messages. I would appreciate any comments or one-sentence updates of your own (such as, "I am leaving a comment on your website, tired Jocelyn"), since I am not convinced my email is working.


dasbootdisk said...

I am leaving a comment on your website, tired Jocelyn.

prolix said...

Thanks! Email is not broken, I am just unpopular. Good to know.

Tederick said...

I am procrastinating my Monday morning tasks, tired Jocelyn aka T.J.