Monday, May 14, 2007


Ghah. US conservatives block cancer vaccine for girls. A vaccine against HPV is blocked in four US states because it could encourage promiscuity. This is definitely how the brains of 17-year-olds work: "Hmmm... before I was waiting to have sex until I was married, because I was afraid of getting human papillomavirus. But now that I've been vaccinated, I'm going to go sleep with the first motorcycle enthusiast I can find. And disrespect my parents!" Just to clarify: these law-makers would rather let women die of cancer than risk sending any remotely pro-sex (or, more accurately, anti-cancer) message.

Sigh. The term "wacky news" is far too flippant to apply to this story. I should make a new tag: "crazy, depressing news."


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I know! "Ugh" is a very good description of how this makes me feel. In fact, I shall make that the title of the post.