Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I used to own this extreme freeware version of Tetris for my 386. This was in the era when everything on a computer screen was presented in huge blocks of varying shades of grey. The game had a built-in "playing at work" hotkey that would pause the game and display this separate screen--a bar graph with the names of cities at the bottom. And it looked hilariously low-budg, like the game itself. I always wondered who this was supposed to benefit--is there really someone out there who legitimately looks at bar graphs like that at work? Especially bar graphs that are CLEARLY from the 80s?

Well, now I wish I kind of had such a bar graph myself. Except the bar graph would be labelled: "Monographs" "audio/visual" "Serials" "Grey literature." I would look at it intently, but in my mind, I would be playing Tetris.

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