Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Dear Matt,

It's nice to meet you. Or as we used to say in Spanish 100, el gusto es mio. I am glad we have grown (bizarrely organically) to be blog-buddies. I like knowing that every obsessive Joss-Whedon-obsessed post I write will find at least one appreciative reader. Thanks for humouring me by dressing like your South Park version. Thanks for the Lost and Harry Potter updates--I just ziplisted the first season of Lost, mainly so I would know what you were talking about (no cable!). Thanks for making me your special case/fellow supervillain (I like this metaphor by the way. Rather than the Riddler, though, if possible I would like to put in a request for Catwoman). Together we shall rule Metaphor Gotham City.

Yours in green and pink,


Tederick said...

BLOGIPELAGO?! You are a goddamned genius.

prolix said...

I would like to take credit for that, but I can't. It comes from that map of online communities linked a couple posts previous. Someone is a goddamned genius, but not me. Not today.

Tederick said...

Illusions: shattered.