Friday, March 14, 2008

47 minutes from the weekend.

I'm far too tired to write anything cogent today, so you'll have to settle for a few miscellaneous thoughts. I just got back from a luncheon event, and I'm really weirdly tired, and I have strange pain in my left wrist. It's all very puzzling. The two co-workers I went with both won door prizes at our luncheon. I didn't win anything but we were joking that I could probably smuggle out the leftover rolls in a white linen napkin.

Water. I know this makes me a dork, but I never used to drink enough water and I was perpetually dehydrated. I drink at least a litre of actual water a day now (not including milk, juice, etc.) and I have also almost completely eliminated pop from my diet (although I have substituted coffee, so that's not really a victory). Anyway, I never thought I would get to this point, but a new bottle of tap water at work cheers me up. I feel refreshed thinking about water. And if you think that's pathetic, well, I can't help you. (I also get far fewer headaches than I used to.)

Tonight I am going on the bus to SEARS! This makes me a dork, again, but I ordered the most fabulous, librarian-y sweater vest from the Sears website. I love sweater vests, and this one is ARGYLL, and the fact that it comes from Sears just makes it BETTER. For me, the line between "dressing up" (for work or an event) and "dressing up" (in a costume) is thin. I love wearing clothes that I find really nerdy or conservative. Basically, these clothes don't really represent me at all, and that's what I find so funny about it. It's like dressing up as a monster or a dragon or a flapper. The people I work with probably just think this is how I dress. There is no way anyone would know. But it matters to ME. (I have a job interview in early April, and I need to see if this sweater vest matches my brown plaid pants for the ultimate in nerdy outfits. In that outfit, I will be formidably unfashionable.)

We got a new department head in a recent government shuffle and he was "on the floor" today, so we all had to be on our best behaviour. I emailed Meghan, "We all have to wear lipstick and WORK." She emailed back, "Lipstick? Are you wearing lipstick?"

I have only recently come to understand that song, "eveyone is working for the weekend." I always thought it meant that everyone is working ON the weekend, and I always found that so puzzling, because it's such an upbeat song. But now I realize it means everyone is working towards the goal of the weekend. It's weird how we construct these sets of meanings for ourselves that are completely wrong, and yet fulfil their roles admirably enough that we don't see fit to replace them.

Someone just semi-jokingly threatened to assign a research project to me that has to do with swearing in a dictionary. I said, "but I don't know any bad words!" My boss replied, menacingly, "Oh, yes you do! You're a librarian!" "I would have to find the appropriate reference book. Perhaps I could consult The Encyclopedia of Obscene Language."

Oh: At the end of April I get to go see Jonathan Coulton in Seattle! SO EXCITED!

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