Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Monday, but I am still alive

and believe me I am still alive
I'm doing science and I'm still alive
I feel fantastic and I'm still alive
while you're dying I'll be still alive
and when you're dead I will be still alive
still alive
still alive...

Daylight Savings Time is killing me, dudes. I woke up this morning and it was dark and I wanted to die. I had T-Ho's but it was like a tiny drop of water (the coffee) in a giant ocean of despair (my exhaustion). That was a metaphor with handy references!

There are no links today, no jokes, no the internet. Only darkness. And bottles of headache-combating water. Oh, and I started watching the first season of Big Love last night and it is pretty good. So I've got that. (Why are all HBO shows approximately 35-40% better than normal TV?)

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