Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am having one of those irritating days where I'm busy, except I can't get anything done because I'm waiting on feedback from everyone around me. I feel stabby. Even my super-professional cardigan isn't making me feel better.

ALTHOUGH, I love cardigans quite a lot. I have only started wearing them recently. I like how they can be for men or women. I also like how they are part of the incredibly puzzling "twin set". I think when I was a kid I read books with twin sets in them and just never had any idea what they were. The fact that you can still buy them seems ludicrous, like being able to buy giant cars with fins. I still don't really get it. Why would you want to wear a shirt with a sweater that is EXACTLY THE SAME COLOUR over top? That defeats the whole point of layers, in my opinion.

ALTHOUGH, ALSO, we did have leftover event-coffee and soggy catering garlic bread at work. Yum. I feel kind of sick now.

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