Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[in Scooby-Do voice] Ruh-roh!

I have been watching Big Love on DVD. Now, I don't know about this show. I kind of like it, and I also kind of think it's dumb. Right now I'd say the balance is about 73% like it, 27% dumb, but it varies from one day to the next. I will watch pretty much any HBO show, anyway, because even a mediocre HBO show is at least 140% as good as regular TV. Anyway, the point is, Chloe Sevigny is my least favourite of all Bill Paxton's wives, as I believe she is meant to be. But I also feel sorry for her, because she has an internet shopping addiction, and I know what that feels like.

I'm sort of kidding and sort of not. I mean, I have yet to rack up $60,000 in unpayable credit card debt. In fact, I am on the cusp of paying off all the credit card debt I accumulated in university. But I am familiar with the urge--nay, compulsion--that overcomes me and doesn't go away until I order something. Today I am loving these little zoo photos and notecards--cute and also a little creepy, a great combination. And I think I'm going to order some stuff from land's end. It's weird, I know, because their clothes are so BORING--but their overstock section is like internet-shopper cocaine. I am obsessed with cheap, yet professional-looking, clothes. It makes me feel like I'm diabolically tricking everyone. Haha! You think I look good, but I only spent $50 on this outfit, INCLUDING SHOES!

It's better to be obsessed with getting things cheaply than to be obsessed with getting things that are expensive, I guess. My weird psychology FTW, once again.

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