Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I heart nerds

Today I learned a bunch of new role-playing and MMO terms. My favourites:

  • godmoding - creating unbeatable characters; creating deus ex machina solutions to narrative problems; trying to control the actions of other people's characters. Doesn't this seem like something that would be applicable to real life as well though? As in, "You're not even chairing this meeting, stop godmoding"?
  • munchkin - a player who plays what is intended to be a non-competitive game in an aggressively competitive manner. I got excited about this one and emailed it to James. I think his recreational dodgeball team has been playing lots of munchkins lately.
  • twink - I've known about this one for awhile, but I didn't know its origin. Wikipedia says, "The term 'Twinkie' was used in Everquest in 1999, where players could acquire a bronze plate armor that could be equipped by lower level characters. The low level characters were completely clad in golden bronze armor with a high armor value but still only had a handful of hitpoints, hence the referral to a 'Hostess Twinkie' - bright golden outside, soft and squishy inside." delicious!
  • Also the main role-playing game terms article gives us metagaming - using out-of-character knowledge to solve in-character problems, or to explain in-character behaviour.
see wikipedia's full list.

I did a bunch of work earlier today, but then I disappeared into Wikipedia and have yet to emerge.

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alea said...

Careful where you use twink. Among the gays, it has a very different meaning.