Thursday, March 6, 2008

"It sounds like the worst TV show ever. It probably cost $10/episode to make."

I am too young to remember it, but a bunch of my co-workers just started reminiscing about a kids' show called Tales of the RiverBank that aired on Canadian TV in the 1960s. Based on the Wikipedia article it sounds like the best thing ever.

The program had human voices in sync to the actions of the live animals thereby giving the impression that the creatures were going about on purposeful, intelligent activities.
In other words, they used LIVE ANIMALS. And then DUBBED IN VOICES. The character descriptions are also great: "Roderick the Water Rat: Hammy's best friend. He is cautious, resourceful and owns a small motorboat. In the Canadian version of the series he is named Matthew 'Matty' Mouse and acts as something of a mentor to Hammy."

I am cautious and resourceful. I wish I owned a small motorboat though.

Off to search for clips on YouTube... oh, and go to a meeting or something apparently.

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