Monday, March 3, 2008

The Glorious Return of Linky Mondays

I took this great warcraft screenshot yesterday. I don't know where the Furious Mr. Pinchy came from (his name is displayed in the bottom right corner), but it's awesome. I kind of want to make him a nice risotto. [Edited to add: James sent me this link to Mr. Pinchy on wowwiki]

I'm enjoying this A-Z list of obsolete skills, which I saw linked from boingboing. (I recently removed my typing speed from my resume, with the suspicion that only people who are preparing their first resume ever, in high school, include this detail. It's sad because my typing speed is pretty impressive--80 words a minute or more, when I get going. I imagine many of the skills on this list have similar status, and should be removed from resumes, no matter how proud we may be of them.)

I want to make one of these doily racerback tanks. Awesome! People who come up with great craft projects and post tutorials give me hope for all of humankind.

It's the election today. I'm going to go home, make Conservative Victory Shepherd's Pie, and see if I can get my TV to pick up any hot hot CBC.

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