Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'll give you a hint: it ends in disappointment

I was awake for most of the night, but now that it's daytime--and work-time!--I'm exhausted. Not even coffee can help me now. I sometimes have these nightmares that I awaken from slowly, choking on sobs--and then fall back to sleep before I even stop crying. It hardly sets a good precedent for the day to come.

My dad is coming to visit me today, and hopefully bringing a suitcase full of stuff I ordered online and had shipped to my parents'. Lately, I've been compulsively shopping online when I get bored at work. All I can do is try to channel the acquisitive instinct into something constructive, by buying things I legitimately need (or at least, legitimately sort of need). So I bought a gift for a friend who's expecting a baby, and a new bathing suit (necessitated by the fact that I've actually been swimming regularly again, yay!), clothes I can wear to work, and yesterday, this print:

I absolutely love it. There are more available from

One of the things I've been ignoring about Thing-A-Day is the weekly themes, of which there are several. One of the themes for this week is "spying," so today I'm going to make something with this article I read today: Bush Presses House on Surveillance Bill. I shall channel my political hostility and alienation into craft!

A couple cool links from yesterday and today:
Notable registrants of the WWI Draft [including Louis Armstrong, Fred Astaire, Sinclair Lewis] - from the National Archives of the US of A
1975 and the Changes to Come - a Flickr photoset of scans from a 1962 book by that title. The past's conception of the future is fascinating. In 1962, apparently, 1975 held promise of ultrasonic dishwashers, among other things!

1975: And the Changes To Come, originally uploaded by dbostrom.

The future is an exciting place, friends.