Sunday, February 24, 2008

Daily thing: Feb. 23rd and 24th

armwarmers 005 armwarmers 004

Yesterday and today I made these handy Left and Right arm warmers for my friend Meghan. One pair is elbow-length and the other just covers hands and wrists. They're made out of navy and purple fleece. They were actually supposed to be Christmas presents, but I'm a bad friend. (And it took me SO MANY TRIES to get them to fit right, which is weird because they're so easy to sew. The long pair is actually attempt #4. The reason I had to use the navy fabric is, I ran out of the purple. Anyone with tiny, tiny wrists want a pair of armwarmers? Email me!)

I haven't been missing as many Thing-A-Day days as it might SEEM I've been missing--I think there have only been 2 I've missed completely. I just haven't been blogging everything. A lot of days, all I make is food.

Things that may be wrong with me today:
(a) hangover
(b) flu
(c) both (a) and (b)
I feel craptastic. But I've laid on the couch watching Buffy and drinking water for hours, and it hasn't helped. So.

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