Monday, February 25, 2008

2 boring updates

1. a Warcraft "Booyah":
I think all the biggest blocks are all Sundays.

2. I updated my links list. My daily blogroll grows ever longer in proportion to my busyness at work. I do take stuff off, too, though--things that aren't being updated anymore, or that I have grown weary of.

Actually it seems kind of pathetic that my whole Internet Experience can basically be summarized on one page, and that that one page has remained in its essential form since I was in high school. Shouldn't I be taking risks, or exploring the semantic web, or something?


It also fills me with a bizarre sense of pride. Do other people have their online reading all organized on a separate page, for optimally efficient time-wasting? They don't.

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kevin 1809 said...

: ) just walk by and say "Hi"