Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thing-A-Day for Feb. 17th

quilt 003 quilt 001

For yesterday and today: I made a quilted throw! This is actually a belated valentines gift for my man friend. (Although also kind of for me, because I am always cold at his house) The top picture shows the whole thing, with the applique. The bottom shows the mitred corners, the neatest I have ever made. (It has to count for yesterday too, because I did all the edging or binding or whatever you want to call it yesterday, and it took a LOT of ironing. The fabric is Belinda cotton from IKEA, and I love using it to edge things because it is so easy to tell if you're making straight edges. It also reminds me of atoms. SCIENCE!)

I'm happy with how this turned out. The fabric I used was already quilted--green on one side, pink on the other. This means that this is really a cheaty-quilt. A friend had it in her fabric stash, and gave it to me because she didn't think she would ever use it. She, in turn, had gotten it from her mom, who didn't think SHE would ever use it. I'd like to think that this fabric is happy to have finally found its destiny. And I had some left, so I think I will make a quilted bag of some kind.

With some imaginative work, this project also happens to fit the weekly themes of “reversal” (it’s reversible, one side is pink the other green) and “something for home.” However I can’t take credit for this, as I just saw the themes AFTER I posted the project. Serendipitous theme compliance!

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