Friday, February 22, 2008

Update: living in the past

So, I DON'T have a radio as it happens. It's OK because the venerable CBC webcasts all their radio though. I LOVE the CBC. I wish I could marry it, and have 1,000 of its babies.

So I listened to the webcast of the provincial leadershipd ebate and baked a huge quantity of zucchini bread. At, like, 8:01 pm, James called me and we ranted for about 15 minutes. Hopefully the zucchini bread isn't Like Water for Chocolate Zucchini Bread, ie., tasting like political alienation, discontent, and chocolate chips.

And I DID get to 68 last night, although I can't update my chart because I'm at work. Ding! The nice thing about being the last in my guild to hit 70 (and I am, oh yes I am) is that I am the warcraft-equivalent of the youngest child. Everyone else is always sending me gear they think I could use, giving me advice about quests, and they don't care if I smoke up in my room. I may actually get to 70 this weekend, depending on how much time and effort I decide to commit to it. That is weeks ahead of my Easter long weekend goal! I am such a PROBLEM-SOLVER. I will probably mention this in future job interviews. It translates as something like, "Proven success planning and managing large projects in accordance with deadlines."


so angry said...

you, in fact, do have a radio. your (my) stereo has a radio built in!

Prolix said...

Well, I got down on the floor to look for it, but I couldn't find it! And it was dark and scary on the floor. Webcasting is better because my (your) (heh) computer is at desk-level.