Friday, February 15, 2008

Really Serendipitous Hobo-Drawing (RSHD)

Internet serendipity, including several of my favourite things: John Hodgman wrote the charming and wholly inaccurate book Areas of My Expertise. And when he recorded the audiobook version of that book's list of 700 hobo names (with musical accompaniment by the ever-fabulous Jonathan Coulton!), BoingBoing suggested that 700 artists should draw those hoboes. The result is The 700 Hoboes Project. Almost 1700 hoboes drawn to date!

Whew, typing all those a hrefs made me tired. Everybody take a five-minute break.

While I was researching this post*, a woman I don't know came to offer me some black licorice, claiming that it is "black licorice Friday." Sometimes it's weird, working here.

*Read: "Thinking about that Simpsons episode where Grandpa Simpson and Bart find the house with 'hobo graves in basement'"

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