Friday, March 23, 2007

Choose your own entry... adventure. Blog. Thingy.

OK, I know my whole generation has this nostalgia for Choose Your Own Adventure books that can barely be sated. This entry is thus just a drop in the bucket. But I am doing my best...

There is a CYOA Wiki in which you can add pages. Much like the original CYOA books, literary quality is not guaranteed, and declines the further "in" you go.

Jeremy David acts out the will of the website reader, implementing the CYOA model into his own life! And hilarity ensues!

From Something awful: Choose Your Own Adventure Books That Never Quite Made It. My favourite is entitled, "In Soviet Russia, The Adventure Chooses You."

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Jeremy David said...

Hey there!

Ha ha thanks for checking out my site. It seems that I do not have to run naked in the rain anymore. Celebration!