Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In the year 2041...

The clock on this school computer is set to March 21, 2041. All the security certificates on the WHOLE INTERNET are expired, not surprisingly. In the year 2041 I will be 58. I had better be done my MLIS by that time.

OpenCongress: using the collective intelligence of the World Wide Information Superhighway (The W-WIS) to keep democracy responsive and responsible. It's a nice idea. Does it actually work? I have no idea.

library-scented perfume. Point of clarification: is it actually made out of old books? Because that is sort of gross. I mean, I like the smell of old books as much as the next library-ladder-craving, card-catalogue-using, subject-heading-applying dork, but that doesn't mean I want to smell like that all day long. [Via 50 books]

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