Friday, March 23, 2007

Sometimes I have to ask myself, "what's the freaking point?"

and the answer is, THERE IS NO FREAKING POINT.

The coffee place in my neighbourhood--"my neighbourhood coffee place," if you will--is never open in the mornings when I got to school. What is the point of a coffee place that is not open in the mornings, ie., the most important time for coffee, and also, co-incidentally, the time that people are on their way to school/work? I will tell you. There is no point, to any of it. I am not trying to be a downer when I saw this, BUT LIFE DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

Further proof of my "The world does not make any sense" claim: Lorne Gunter. Not only does he constantly behave like an ignorant baby-animal-killing conservative idealogue, but he also never gets me coffee. He's Canada's answer to "jerk."

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