Friday, March 2, 2007

Grab your credit cards and run.

deletia: we keep you posted on the internet tshirt situation.

  1. Cascading Style Shirt. I have heard that everyone wants to make out with you if you wear a shirt that is a CSS joke. Although I am not guaranteeing anything. [There are more.]

  2. SpamShirt: have your favourite spam subject line printed on a shirt, such as, "here is the info you requested," or "she will say it's too long." Techie and weird.

  3. Spreadshirt seems to be an upscale version of cafepress. You can make your own t-shirt shop which sells shirts that say things you want, such as, "BOYS PLEASE" or "Let's just be friends." I do not understand how websites make money.

1 comment:

Paul B said...

I WISH that wearing these shirts made people want to make out with you, because I have hundreds of them in my basement. But they don't, so instead I sell them on the website. Thanks for pointing people at cascadingstyleshirts!