Monday, March 12, 2007

west coast update

I saw the play MacHomer last night, which is MacBeth (more or less) performed using exclusively voices from The Simpsons, by one guy. It was pretty intense, as even that brief description probably suggests. It also made a surprising amount of sense. Mr. Burns was King Duncan, of course. Marge as Lady MacBeth didn't disturb me as much as I expected. And Grandpa Simpson, Otto, and Apu as the three murderers was downright hilarious. (Apu, of course, being the only one with even the remotest murdering competence.) Rick Miller, the guy who wrote and performed it, is hilarious, so it you get a chance to see any of his plays I highly recommend it.

Today I get to go to the 826 Seattle space store, Fred Meyer (my parents' favourite American store for some reason), and to the beach near my parents' house. I shall search for some kind of airplane postcard to send to my friend Caleb. It has been raining here nonstop since I arrived in Vancouver. It took us an hour to get through American customs on Saturday, presumably because they are being extra vigilant about terrorists on weekends.

Things you can's buy at the grocery store in Seattle: sesame bagels
Things you can buy at the grocery store in Seattle: booze

It is nice to see my dog again, but he seems older and wiser now. He has lost a bit of his previous goofy charm. I am here by myself right now (parents at work), and he flops down on the floor nearby wherever I am, and then gets up and follows me if I move around, as if he feels he needs to warily keep an eye on me. The experience of my parents moving away and all his people being split up has obviously been very hard on him. And no, I am not doing that thing dog-owners do where they project their own problems onto their pets. Not at all.


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