Saturday, March 3, 2007

There was a blinding flash of light...


If the impression you get from this screenshot is that I am standing around congratulating myself on my new level-60-ishness while my party members are killed by ill-tempered elite dwarves, then you are not far from right. However, no one actually died because of my short ego-break.

Our guild name explained in a segment from Futurama:

Leela A: This is getting confusing. Why don't we call our universe "Universe A" and this universe "Universe B"?
Bender 1: Hey! Why can't we be Universe A?
Fry 1: Yeah!
Amy 1: Yeah!
Farnsworth 1: We want A!
Zoidberg 1: It's the best letter!
Fry A: We called it first. Besides, this place kinda feels like a "B", y'know?
Leela 1: Alright, you can be crummy Universe A and we'll be Universe 1.
Fry 1: Or "The Mongooses". That's a cool team name. The Fighting Mongooses!


so angry said...


i should point out that while you were taking your screen shot (which is totally totally awesome by the way), that's me in the background trying not to get killed.

i did manage to survive. poor voidy however, lost his life in service to the greater good... /mourn

prolix said...

"In quiet contemplation, Jocelyn mourns the loss of the dead."

so angry said...

i'm actually quite jealous that you thought of taking a screenshot when you hit L60.

hey! we both hit L60 in BRD... so romantic.

prolix said...

Yeah, we were both in BRD... but it wasn't simulataneous. So, not that romantic.