Sunday, March 4, 2007

It's starting to get to me...

From defective yeti: The cliche rotation project. No one is saying we need to stop using cliches; but let's try to replace some of the old and tired ones with new ones-- preferably new ones that only kind of make sense!

Example: instead of "back to square one," one submitter suggests, "Back to world 1-1." Hot.

The television show of This American Life is debuting soon on Showtime. Here's the trailer.


Anonymous said...

What is with your list of tags!?!
It's enormous.
Oh, I get it. It's kind of like a brilliant index system that isn't hidden away at the back of the book, right?

Cha Cha! ~ Alex

prolix said...

Yeah, the list is getting enormous. I should take it off the main page, maybe. I love tagging things though, so I am partial to that big list.

This blog for me is a nice compromise between genuinely trying to describe content properly, librarian-style, and sort of goofing around. (Witness: a new tag I made up a few days ago, "things I am all about.") I can't reconcile myself completely to seriousness.

Anonymous said...