Sunday, March 4, 2007

I am definitely either going to bed, or typing the names of countries into a little text-box.

Earlier we had a game to test US state knowledge. This game has a version for all 245 countries in wikipedia, or all 192 UN member-states. (I'll give you a hint: the UN version is easier.) I got 120/245, but it was painstaking, friends. And I missed a few I definitely SHOULD have gotten.

Earlier post: Enough mind games.


Tederick said...

I think the fact that I got 65 countries on the 245 country game is nothing short of spectacular. But I am shamed by the list of countries I did not get.

prolix said...

Wow, good work! It's amazing how many countries are hard to think of under these types of circumstances. The first time I did it, I forgot Italy. I have been practicing though, and I think I've finally gotten the hang of India and Pakistan.


prolix said...

Idea for new website feature: "Obscure country of the day" (or maybe week). I shall contemplate this awhile.