Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking foxy, and black-and-whitey

rockandroll2 profilepic, originally uploaded by jocelynb.

I am feeling even more rock and roll than usual. This shall be my new generic profile picture. We all have the right to take fifty photos of ourselves before we find one we like. Our online reputations are at stake, people! VOGUE!

Listening to: Billy Bragg, A New England.
"I don't want to change the world
I'm not looking for a new england
I'm just looking for another girl..."


Tederick said...

What does the writing on the hand say? Cuz it's pretty hot. Or possibly completely unrelated.

prolix said...

It says "too good for stupid angels" which is a line from a neko case song. I actually wrote it on my hand earlier in the day as I was bored-ly waiting for the subway. I think it's backwards in the photo... I flipped it. (When I first looked at the picture I was like, "wait, the LEFT side of my nose is pierced?" and I had to check.)

so angry said...

Flipped eh? I thought something was amiss... like it's a picture of your evil twin or something

prolix said...

Really? You could tell I looked backwards?

Sigh. I guess I'm not as symmetrical as I thought.

so angry said...

I couldn't "tell". I just had a feeling that something was amiss.

You should be happy. If Faith took over your body and tried to make out with me I would TOTALLY know and be all: "Stoppit Faith".

so angry said...


if someone REPLACED you ala Alias, I would TOTALLY know and be all: "you go away and send my real girlfriend back".

prolix said...

I'm sure you would have no trouble knowing it wasn't really me. If five minutes went by in which I didn't mention The Prestige or butter chicken, alarm bells would start to go off.