Saturday, March 24, 2007

For best results, hum "the circle of life" from The Lion King while you watch.

I may just be feeling particularly vulnerable today, but this video from national geographic almost made me cry. A hippo and an antelope can fall in love, but where would they live?

Man, nature stresses me out. "The younger animals have not yet learned that the same waters that support life... can also bring DEATH."

From the archives: "At the time, under the veneer of sloshed cynicism, I couldn't help thinking how different things would be if we were watching the seal documentary. "The seal has finally found a meal, ensuring her survival for another harsh Antarctic winter." Well, maybe I don't want to be on Team Penguin, Morgan! Maybe I want to be on Team Seal!"


Tederick said...

That movie should totally end with the hippo going back into the water and ENGAGING THE CROC IN A FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

prolix said...

"And that's for messing with my best girl!" CHOMP