Friday, March 23, 2007

friday links? unheard of!

ChangeThis: a site for depositing and displaying manifestoes. Sound fun? It is! I should write one about Lorne Gunter, global warming, the end of authenticity, modernity, and the end of the world. (Which would make me seem suitably crazy. People who write manifestoes are always crazy. I did not invent this rule.)

Sorry about our president: Americans aplogize to the rest of the world for electing the Head Dumbass. This co-incides with a Talking-To-Americans style video I watched yesterday in which various Americans agreed that they supported George Bush in his invasion of several different countries--each one being actually Australia mislabelled on a map. Note to the United States: the rest of the world hates you. This website seems like a step in the right direction.

File under projects: a literary clock. Make a clock out of a book! I like clocks, I like books, it makes sense.

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