Thursday, March 15, 2007

Promiscuous girl...

metaspy: refreshes every 15 seconds with searches being performed by other internet users. Fewer people than I expected are searching for porn. More are searching for casinos, tennessee real estate, and "medieval times."

Someone who goes not understand how to use quotation marks in searches (aka phrase searching) is also searching for something like "great travel deals". Hmm. I wonder if any sites contain that exact text. It seems unlikely, does it not? Moron.

In my web design for usability class today we were debating whether it is always the web designer's obligation to build sites that meet users' needs and expectations to the greatest degree possible. I mean, there are a lot of morons around. I fear living in a world that has to be idiot-proofed because 5% of the population can't figure out how to use travel mugs (warning: contents may be hot), pedestrian crosswalks, and snack food packaging (To open: tear open). I am not calling for the return of eugenics or anything, but if these people can't figure life out, maybe it's for the best. I value the viability of the gene pool.

On another note, I am so crushing on the new Nelly Furtado album right now. Lame? Maybe. I care not. As I type this, I am doing a little bum-dance in my chair. Inspired by her, I am trying to be a "maneater," except other than wearing high heels I am not sure what that involves. I would hazard that blogging probably has nothing to do with it.

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