Thursday, March 1, 2007

Enough mind games.

Perhaps I am the only one who enjoys Trying to name all 50 American states in 10 minutes, but then, if there is another such person, the internet is surely the way to find them. [From ironic sans]

Also, I apparently do not know how to spell Massachusetts or Connecticut. It is good to know these things sooner rather than later.

I got 38 out of 50. Go and try, then report back. (I'll give you a hint, punk: Oklahoma exists. At least according to this website.) You are expected to do better than me if you are actually American. Since you know I can name all the provinces and territories, sucka. Of course, it helps that there are only 12.*

*I am kidding. I know there are 13. And 70% of the people reading this website just learned something. I am all about the learnin'!

1 comment:

Tederick said...

45. And the two most frustrating final minutes of my life.